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Welcome to the KubViz Documentation! This guide is designed to provide you with comprehensive insights into KubViz and its functionalities, enabling you to effectively navigate through its features. The documentation is structured into five main sections:


Overview: Discover a comprehensive overview of the KubViz project, where seamless solutions for Kubernetes and DevSecOps workflows await. Explore how KubViz transforms complexities into ease, offering a suite of user-friendly features crafted to enhance and simplify your tasks.


Getting started: The starting point to set up KubViz on your cluster. Follow the instructions here to get KubViz up and running efficiently.


Usecase: This section we illuminate the powerful capabilities designed to streamline your Kubernetes and DevSecOps workflows. Discover how KubViz simplifies complex tracking tasks across various crucial aspects of your infrastructure.


Contributing: KubViz, developed using Golang under the Apache License, enthusiastically invites contributions from individuals like you. Your input is invaluable, whether it’s providing feedback on GitHub, engaging in discussions within our Discord server’s #feedback channel, or actively participating in feature testing. Your involvement greatly enriches the KubViz community and development efforts.


FAQs : Have questions about KubViz? Check out our FAQ section, where we aim to address common queries. Your suggestions for additional questions are always welcome. Find answers to frequently asked questions about KubViz.

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