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This section is a high-level overview of how the Compage Documentation is structured. It will help you use the documentation more effectively by guiding you on where to look for specific information.

The Compage Documentation covers everything you need to know about Compage. It made up of four main sections which are:


In the introduction section, you will find the three pages below. Head over to the Installation page to get the Compage up and running on your KinD cluster. The What is Compage? page summarizes the goals and features of the Compage project.


Compage is written in Golang, NodeJS and ReactJS and is Apache License - contributions are always welcome whether that means providing feedback, be it through GitHub, through the #feedback channel on our Discord server or testing existing and new features. All the relevant information below:


We want to be able to give Compage users the tips and guidance necessary to be able to get the most value from the tool as quickly as possible. That’s why we will be continuously adding and updating informative guides and series in which try to relay valuable and actionable advice.


Find all the answers to all the Compage related questions you might have. Feel free to reach out via the #feedback channel on Discord to request the inclusion of additional questions.

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